Texas Just Passed The Bill That All Democrats Fear

Since the fallout of the 2020 election, states across America have tried to prevent future disaster. Republican-led legislatures have fought to pass voter integrity bills, aimed at reinstating trust in our democracy. But at every turn, Democrats have tried to undermine their plans.

You probably remember what they tried to do to Georgia. The state passed some fairly reasonable measures to prevent future voter fraud. Democrats across the nation threw a temper tantrum, boycotting the state to “punish” it.

In Texas, lawmakers wanted to pass important measures to ensure their elections were safe. Democrat members of the state House stormed out of the chamber to block a vote. Later, they fled the state to D.C., where they staged a pathetic stunt for over a month.

How did that work out for them? They eventually had to return to work—and Republicans got what they wanted.

The Texas legislature passed an election integrity bill on Tuesday after weeks of back-and-forth between members of both parties in the state.

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott promised to sign the bill, as well, seemingly solidifying the GOP victory…

“Senate Bill 1 will make it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” Texas House Republican Caucus Chairman Jim Murphy said in a statement last week, noting that the bill will “go a long way in ensuring the integrity of our elections.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats rioted over the proposed bill, claiming it was “voter suppression.” Would you like to know what the bill really does? For starters, it bans 24-hour voting (since why do people need to be voting at 3 am?). It bans drive-thru voting, requiring people to go to a polling place to vote or drop off a ballot.

It also requires ID for people voting by mail, provides training and guidance for poll watchers, and punishes people who try to interfere with someone voting.

The bill will also prevents local election officials from sending out mass applications to vote by mail.

You’ll notice none of these new rules prevents anyone from voting. They are simply designed to prevent any possibility for dishonest people from cheating in an election.

It’s no secret that Democrats used the COVID pandemic to push radical changes to our elections. The biggest one, of course, was mass mail-in voting. In many states, they sent out ballots to every name on voter rolls, whether they were valid or not. In conjunction with ballot harvesting, it created a prime scenario for less-than-honest people to collect those ballots and do with them whatever they want.

Perhaps the most important aspects of this new bill clamp down on mail-in voting. It prevents election officials from exploiting the system so they can send out as many ballots as they like. It ensures that the only ballots sent out are for people who request one and prove their identity.

That’s a far cry from voter suppression, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe Democrats are worried less about suppression and more about inviting fraud?

Author: Sam Anderson