Biden Left High & Dry As Team Engages In Overnight Betrayal

A Biden official has informed Politico that they are in fact “horrified” by what occurred in Afghanistan. The unnamed source says that “I am completely appalled and horrified we left American citizens there,” adding that the evacuation that Biden, Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin, Sec. of State Antony Blinken, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley, and spokeswoman Jen Psaki have all defended the success which was not a real success at all.

“It was a hostage rescue of thousands of American citizens under the guise of a noncombatant evacuation operation, and we have failed our mission.”

Politico reports that a second official considers the mission not to be finished as long as any Americans are still in Afghanistan.

That is evidence of two people within the Biden White House who are patriotic and have a conscience. What about the rest of them?

The theme of the Politico news piece is that Joe Biden keeps attempting to shift the blame for the mission, which he says is a success. As has been pointed out, that is incoherent. Why blame other people — from Trump, to the Afghan leaders, to the Americans who are now stranded — if he really believes it’s a great job he and his team should be proud of? Why yell at everyone, as Biden did this week, when taking a victory lap? Maybe he really believes we are all too dumb to know his greatness.


“Biden did not dwell on his broken promises — including a pledge to fly out any United States citizen who wished to leave — and instead gave a defiant speech to end America’s longest war, defending his management of the exit, pointing to “malfeasance and corruption” in the Afghan government that the United States spent far too long supporting, slamming his opponents as downplaying the costs of the war and arguing the nation must move past the “War on Terror” that it started almost 20 years ago.”

“This choice about Afghanistan is not only about Afghanistan. It is about ending a time of major military operations to reform other nations,” Biden said. He then accepted no questions.

Twenty years after the 9-11 attacks, the nation is divided and the Taliban are now rulers of Afghanistan again. It will be hard to move past America’s “War on Terror” when jihadists relaunch their next phase.

“I promise you with all my heart, I believe this is the correct decision, the wise one, and the best choice for America,” Biden said about the withdrawal.

Author: Steven Sinclaire