Celebrities Throw Temper Tantrum After TX Leads Pro-Life Charge

Why do liberal celebrities still think we care about their opinions? For years, these rich, entitled egomaniacs have lectured regular Americans on everything from politics to religion to how we spend our money.

These people think that because we occasionally watch their movies or TV shows, we automatically care about their toxic views. Considering most of these people can’t even stay married for a year, I think we’re better off without their influence.

With the Supreme Court’s significant decision last week, an aggressive pro-life bill in Texas went into effect. Abortions are no longer legal in the Lone Star State after six weeks, the most significant pro-life better ever gone into effect.

Democrat actors and celebrities, who don’t even live in Texas, were outraged. They decided they needed to punish the conservative state, by promising to boycott it.

Hollywood celebrities are up in arms over pro-life legislation in Texas…

The news cued Hollywood to react on social media, which included cries about a supposed lack of women’s rights and shows of support for taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion mill.

Feminist actress Patricia Arquette warned of a Hollywood “boycott.”…

Comedian and left-wing activist Amy Schumer claimed, “The newest Texas abortion ban, #SB8, gives politicians, neighbors, and even strangers the right to sue those who provide — or just help patients get — abortion after 6 wks. The time to fight for our reproductive health & rights is now!” She, too, then linked to Planned Parenthood…

“Big Little Lies” actress Reese Witherspoon promoted Planned Parenthood during her condemnation of the pro-life legislation…

Actress and Democratic activist Eva Longoria Baston claimed the legislation is a “blatant violation to all women, especially women of color.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Liberal celebrities were so outraged that Texas is fighting to protect the rights of unborn Americans, that they even floated the idea of a boycott.

Hmm… a law that protects children might also keep limp-wristed liberals from coming to Texas. That’s what we call a win-win, baby!

Isn’t it hilarious how these out-of-touch liberals, who don’t have any say in what goes on in another state, feel they are entitled to lecture us on what we believe is right or wrong?

Millions of Americans despise abortion. That includes millions of Texas who voted for the lawmakers who passed this bill. Yet because a few self-centered celebrities in LA are mad, we are supposed to just let go of our convictions and rights?

These celebrities claim a pro-life bill restricts the rights of women. I guess they never considered the rights of the unborn girls—who make up around 50% of pregnancies?

I wonder what Texas is going to do, when all the liberals stop supporting it? Throw a party? Pass more conservative legislation? Buy up all the newly-free real estate in Austin?

Not sure, but I’m sure they’ll be pretty happy about it.

Author: Joe Graham