Democrats Finally Admit They Were Wrong About Biden

One-fifth of Biden’s voters regret casting their vote for the president, according to a Zogby poll done in early Aug. Paul Bedard showed the poll inside his Washington Secrets column within The Washington Examiner. Worse for Joe Biden is that “more voters might be showing regret if Joe Biden and company does not score a victory and score it soon,” according to pollster organizer Jonathan Zogby. Seventy-six percent didn’t regret their vote, and 4 percent were not sure.

Twenty-one percent of Dems regretted their ballots for Biden, as did 29 percent of GOP members voters who voted for the Democrat, and 14 percent of voters who were Independents. While that 14 percent of Independents might have helped Joe Biden overall in this poll, other polls reveal Biden has lost popularity with Independent voters.

Is that 20 percent a bunch? Yes it is actually quite high. As Zogby explains it:

“Why does it matter? If you take into account the size of the voting pool, and how the last two elections were decided by around tens of thousands of voters in some battleground states, this might really hurt President Biden’s chances in the next 2024 election. But even though President Biden has suffered humiliating problems, he still has room and time to recover. One still feels his ship is going down fast, and he may not have lifeboats left to save him. His low approval, the mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan, and inflation taking away Americans’ purchasing power are his biggest problems right now.”

And things could get worse for Biden. The poll was given to Bedard recently, but was done on August 5-13. Respondents were asked if they had regrets voting for Biden before he and his admin. badly ruined the withdrawal from the nation of Afghanistan.

“What is interesting is our poll was done before the withdrawal from Afghanistan. While Biden attempts to deal with Hurricane Ida’s aftermath, which went through Louisiana last week, many American citizens are not treating the news from Afghanistan lightly,” Zogby said.

Considering the Zogby Analytics had Joe Biden’s approval rating at 60-39 percent only back in July, it will be very interesting to see how this high approval rating goes down in followup polls.

Author: Steven Sinclaire