Disturbing Video Reveals What Biden’s Really Trying To Distract Us From

Footage that was obtained by a citizen journalist recording human smuggling being done on the Texas-Mexico border seems to show children who were sedated, raising worries and new questions about the actions of human traffickers and criminal organizations known to operate in the area.

Anthony Aguero, a southern Texas reporter who runs Border Network News, put out footage in which he sees a group of illegals who are moving across the border with minors. The children are very unresponsive- not reacting to the flashlights being shined into their face, and seem to be completely oblivious to what is happening.

The adult looking over the children says his wife abandoned him to care for his two children alone. Human traffickers routinely bring children they are not related to into the U.S., seeking a backdoor way to get legal residency in the nation through using the minors.

A woman who was with Aguero first asks questions about the children, describing the minors- supposedly three and four as being incapacitated by use of different means than “natural sleep.”

Aguero has routinely filmed illegals crossing the border and hand themselves over to Border Patrol in the region of El Paso, although it is not clear exactly where this migrant group with apparently sedated children was captured. Aguero’s work can be seen at Border Network News.

Human traffickers and drug smuggling has gone up at the southern border throughout the time of Joe Biden’s White House, with attractive amnesty programs and disabled law enforcement being like a de facto invitation for illegals and criminals to take the dangerous voyage to the U.S.. The federal courts recently decided to force President Joe Biden to reinstate Trump’s game-changing ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which successfully kept illegals out of the country by making asylum applicants submit their application in Mexico.

Biden’s approval rating has plummeted in recent weeks due to inflation, the mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the ongoing flood of illegals into America. It is only a matter of time before the Democratic party themselves possibly choose a different candidate for the 2024 race. And when it comes to the 2022 midterms, we can expect a landslide for Republicans.

Author: Scott Dowdy