Biden Publicly Humiliated In One Of The Worst Ways Possible

Democrat President Biden was yelled at by people in the state of New Jersey as he looked at the storm damage to the area this Tuesday, with some asking for him to resign.

Videos, published to social media, seemed to show a man yelling at President Biden that he left American citizens behind, a reference to the Biden White House failing to extract all American citizens from Afghanistan before the United States Military pulled out of the nation last week.

Another video revealed someone yelling to Joe Biden, “resign, you tyrant.”

Matt Arco, a journalist for The Star-Ledger, tweeted that people also allegedly yelled at President Biden, “Biden go home,” “you need to resign,” “f***ing tyrant,” and “this nation is going to s**t.”

The remarks come after a news report from CBS News and comments from Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), which said that the Taliban was stopping flights from taking off from Afghanistan. The flights were carrying Americans, Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants and green card holders. Both the Republican congressman and CBS News said that the circumstances was essentially a hostage situation.

McCaul, who is the ranking member on the Foreign Affairs Committee, made his comments during an interview with Fox News.

“Since we got out, how many of our allies got out since the Taliban took over control of the country?” the Fox host asked.

“Zero,” McCaul said. “And, actually, we have six aircraft at Mazar Sharif Airport, six with American citizens, also interpreters, and the Taliban is keeping them hostage and making demands right now. The state has cleared these aircraft and the Taliban won’t allow them to leave. So, the answer is zero. And that is my concern is they will demand more stuff, whether it be legitimacy or cash.”

“You are saying saying there are American citizens on the airplanes ready to leave Afghanistan right now, and they are not able to leave because the Taliban is now making demands?” the Fox News host asked. “What demands are they making?”

“They are not allowing the airplanes to depart. They have sat at the airport for two days, these planes, and they can’t leave,” McCaul said. “We understand the reason is because the Taliban are wanting something in exchange. It is turning into a hostage situation where they are not allowing Americans to leave until they are fully recognized by the U.S.. My worry is that Zalmay Khalilzad, who is our special envoy, I think his recommendation to the Biden White House will be to accept this and recognize the Taliban as the government of Afghanistan.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire