Amazon Cracks Down On Conservatives — Will You Be Next?

Recently, Reuters reported that two anonymous sources from Amazon Web Services, which handles 40 percent of the web hosting on the internet, “wants to take a larger and more proactive approach to deciding what kinds of content goes against its cloud service rules.”

“Over the next months, Amazon will bring in a small group of individuals in its AWS division to create expertise and work with other researchers to look for future threats, one of these sources who was familiar with the issue said. It might turn Amazon, the top cloud service provider into one of the world’s top arbiters of content that is accepted on the internet, experts said.”

Amazon would not comment, then after the news article was published sent a comment saying that the report was “wrong,” alleging that, “‘AWS Safety has no intention to alter its processes, and that the team has always been there.’”

But let’s not forget the context: The Biden White House revealed some weeks back that they, with mafia-like power, will pressure big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook to remove content that goes against their political aims.

The reported AWS crackdown also comes after news that the Jan. 6 committee subpoenaed the cell phone details of Republican lawmakers, including the minority leader of the House, from their service providers, which had already aided the government in spying on Americans through recording the contents of everyone’s calls and texts.

Amazon is of course not immune to this kind of thing, and Jeff Bezos is a lot like those people demanding their political enemies get blocked from their livelihoods, stopped from publicly speaking, and blocked from financial services. That is why Amazon removed America’s Frontline Doctors from its hosting, for another example, but does host Netflix despite it donating its users’ money to the mass-murdering machine known as Planned Parenthood. They are liberals clearly.

If web servers such as AWS can shut you down, that threatens your economic independence if you are someone who dares to have different ideas that their speech watchers and whose livelihood is routed through the Internet. And even meatspace-focused jobs like plumbers and farmers need email addresses and emails. Unless they have a storefront on a physically busy intersection, they need to have a Google Maps registration up, so people can find them to keep income flowing into their business.

With this power in place, there can be no personal independence or social creativity if you are not allowed to use the internet unless you publicly preach to the leftist gods. With that being the case, we are all slaves to the religion of liberalism.

Author: Steven Sinclaire