Biden Gets The Embarrassment Of a Lifetime, And Trump’s Name Is All Over It

A California Gold Star mom whose son was killed during a terror attack near Kabul’s airport just last month, has now publicly invited Donald Trump to the funeral, saying he was “the real president.”

Kareem Nikoui, Shana Chappell’s son, was among the 13 soldiers who died in a bombing on Aug. 26. In her Facebook post, the mother said, “I would love for my President (Mr. Trump) to be there as we give respect to my son Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui.”

“It would be a great honor to meet the true President of America, President Donald Trump,” she said. “I love you and so does America.”

Trump replied to Chappell, saying “Thank you.” In a comment emailed to his Save America PAC, Trump stated, “our Nation loves you and we especially love your son, Kareem.” He did not state whether he would go to the funeral or not, which is set to take place on Sept. 18.

Nikoui’s parents have stated publicly that they put the blame for their son’s killing on President Joe Biden. Kareem’s father, Steve Nikoui, informed the Daily Beast that Joe Biden had “turned his back to him.” “They sent my son into the country and then asked the Taliban to give security,” he said to the website.

In another post to Facebook, Chappell slammed Biden, saying: “I know my face is inside your brain! I looked you right in the eyes and had words with you.”

“After i lay him to rest you will see me again! Remember I am the person who was 5 inches away from your old face and let you know I wouldn’t get to hug my son again, hear him laugh and you then wanted to interrupt and throw a sob story my way and I told you ‘that this is not about you so do not try to make it about you!!!’”

She also said that Biden was “a weak traitor” who “turned his back on my son and on other Heroes!!! … His BLOOD IS ON YOU!!!”

Trump replied to that post, saying in another comment that Chappell was “100 percent right. If I were President, your beautiful son Kareem would be alive with now, and so would all the others who died at the terrible Kabul airport attack.”

Author: Scott Dowdy