Biden Announces The Very End Of Freedom In America

Today, Joe Biden officially announced a federal vaccine mandate hitting every private businesses with more than 100 employees. In making this announcement, he targeted the unvaccinated and threatened them, and generally increased the flames of anger in a way that should concern everyone. He also framed himself as a dictatorial figure, able to push GOP governors “out the way” who will now push back against his tyrannical orders.

I will go ahead and say it: This is the most disturbing presidential speech I have ever heard.

Here is the president trashing people who are unvaccinated in such a way that sounds like he is attempting to start a civil war, and that’s not me joking. It is that bad, with him repeatedly expressing anger toward unvaccinated American and blaming them for everything that is wrong with society.

Later during his speech, he pummeled into the unvaccinated yet again in a threatening fashion. I was in complete disbelief with his tone and his choice of words. It was enough to cause my skin to crawl.

That is scary stuff. His “patience” is running out? What is he planning to do? And are the unvaccinated people affecting the vaccinated people if the vaccine really works? None of this is sensical at all. It’s not an overstatement to report that Joe Biden basically made unvaccinated people look like terrorists, murdering people for using up hospital beds.

Later, Joe Biden went after Governor Ron DeSantis (and others), including making the totally untrue claim that they are telling Americans not to get the vaccine.

He is going to push “them out of the way?” How will he do that? Is he a dictator now that can just override the freedom of states, including democratically elected governors? That is obviously the message he is attempting to get across and it is a terrifying one.

Honestly, I am having issues putting words down about this. I have written extensively about the various issues about masks, vaccines and natural immunity. What we witnessed today was a president who thinks that individual freedoms do not exist. This was a shocking moment in our country’s history that will be seen with shame, and that is assuming we survive as a nation in the long term.

Author: Steven Sinclaire