Biden Wants Billions In Taxpayer Dollars To Support His Afghan ‘Imports’

Biden might desperately want us to move on from Afghanistan, but the fallout of his historic failure will be felt for years to come.

Americans were outraged to watch Biden let the Taliban take over a formerly democratic country. Worse still, was his inability to properly evacuate stranded Americans. Even after he pulled the last of our troops from the country, we learned that hundreds of Americans were left behind.

Yet, Biden was able to evacuate many times more non-Americans. How is that possible? Yes, Afghan citizens who aided America were in danger. They should have been rescued, to avoid retribution from the Taliban.

But many critics wondered how Biden could airlift 48,000 Afghans, while leaving behind Americans. Especially when there were few Americans that needed to get out.

Now, we are learning how Biden intends to support these newly arrived refugees.

Few of the Afghan migrants are eligible for “Special Immigrant Visas” (SIVs) that were created for Afghans who fought alongside the United States, such as interpreters.

So Biden’s officials have declared the many non-SIV migrants are “vulnerable” migrants and are letting them in through the “parole” side door…

Many of the paroled Afghans do not speak English. Many do not read or write, and many lack the workplace skills to stay out of poverty in the United States. So the welfare cash will help employers train them for jobs that would otherwise go to Americans at higher wages…

The groups have also asked for $6.4 billion in resettlement funds, in addition to the welfare offered to the Afghans. [Source: Breitbart]

Americans were on board with rescuing those Afghans who supported American forces during the war. But only a fraction of those Biden flew out were actual translators or even worked with our military. These others, who knows? We’ve already learned that most of the 48,000 people Biden evacuated haven’t been vetted. Some of them didn’t have a “scrap of paper” with them.

On top of that, Biden wants to bring the total to 95,000 Afghans. Where is he going to put all these people? The plan is to resettle them in towns across American, creating major challenges both economically and socially.

Of course, Biden wants $6 billion in your money to pay for this disastrous plan. There is no telling whether these refugees will be assimilated into American culture or even if they will be able to learn English and work. This money will turn these economic refugees into dependents on the government, not something we need.

Meanwhile, actual Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan, unable to make it home.

Once again, we see the Biden administration’s priorities are totally backward. They wanted a pat on the back for all the non-Americans they lifted out, but they neglected many Americans. Biden wants to dump 95,000 strangers into our communities, who neither speak the language nor can contribute to our society.

At he wants you to pay for it. Good job, Joe.

Author: Sam Graham