Leaked Photo Shows Who Pelosi’s Really In Bed With

The son of liberal billionaire George Soros tweeted a photo of himself with his father meeting with House Speaker Pelosi this Thursday, stating, “In Pelosi we trust!”

“In Pelosi we trust! Was great seeing Pelosi this weekend,” Alexander Soros said via Twitter this Thursday.

According to his Twitter page, Alexander Soros is the deputy chair of his father’s Open Society.

According to its website, the group is “the world’s top funder of independent organizations working for democratic governance, justice and human rights.”

George Soros founded and is the current chair of the Open Society Foundations. The older Soros also spearheads a variety of other non-profit and business endeavors.

In July, the Federal Election Commission records showed that Soros is a top financial backer of the “defund the police” political movement, putting $1 million into a group associated with the agenda.

Campaign finance data also on the FEC’s website reveals that Soros gave money to the Color of Change Committee in May.

Color of Change says it is “the country’s largest online racial justice group” on its website.

“We aid people in responding effectively to the injustice of the world. As a national force with 7 million members, we move policy and decision-makers in businesses and government to form a more human and less hostile environment for Black people within America.”

Color of Change has petition online that has the title: “Defund the police, and send money to communities now!”

The “defund the police” agenda calls for politicians to lower the budgets of normal police departments and instead put the money into social programs and different means of law enforcement.

Though the movement had success after George Floyd’s death, people gradually started to get disillusioned with it as crime spiked across the nation.

Soros is also known for supporting Dem candidates. He reportedly gave $1 million to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall election.

According to records from the California Sec. of State’s office, the liberal financier’s first donation was in June, with $250,000 going to a committee named “Stop the Republican Recall.”

Then, on August 3, he gave another $250,000.

Finally, on August 30, Soros put in a large $500,000 donation.

Author: Scott Dowdy