Biden Definitely Wasn’t Expecting This To Happen On 9-11

President Biden mocked the return of Al Qaeda during the 20th anniversary remembrance of the 9-11, terrorist attacks this Saturday after earlier that day getting booed while going to the 9/11 Memorial at the New York World Trade Center.

While speaking to journalists at the Flight 93 Memorial inside the city of Shanksville, Pennsylvania — the spot where 40 people died after thwarting the hijackers’ intention to fly their plane into the White House or the U.S. Capitol building — Joe Biden admitted that the terror group Al Qaeda could “return.”

“If you would have said to anybody that we would spend $300 million dollars per day for 20 years to attempt to unite the nation after we found Osama bin Laden, after the terror group Al Qaeda was destroyed— could Al Qaeda return? Yeah,” Biden said.

“But guess what? It is already back,” he said, lowering his voice into a mocking tone. “What is the strategy? Every nation where Al Qaeda is, we will invade and keep troops? Come on.”

Joe Biden’s admission went against what he said only weeks ago. In defending the ruined Afghanistan withdrawal, Joe said the mission was a success.

“What interest does America have in the nation of Afghanistan at this time with al Qaeda gone? We went there for the purpose of removing Al Qaeda from Afghanistan, and finding Osama bin Laden. And that’s what we did,” Joe Biden stated on August 20. “We did the mission.”

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby later went against Biden.

“We understand that al Qaeda has a presence, and ISIS, inside Afghanistan, and we have talked about this for some time,” he said.

Meanwhile, Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin admitted last Thursday that the group Al Qaeda could return in Afghanistan, and the Joe Biden White House is adopting a “wait and see” strategy.

“I believe the whole community is sort of watching to see what occurs and if Al Qaeda can come back in Afghanistan,” Sec. Austin said. “The nature of this group, al Qaeda, and the group ISIS-K is they will always try to find a place to regenerate, whether it is there, whether it is inside a country like Somalia, or any other ungoverned area.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire