America’s Greatest Security Threat Is a Very Familiar Face

John Ratcliffe, the Former Director of National Intelligence, has said to Fox News that President Biden, a Democrat, is the biggest national security threat the U.S. faces because of the terrible decisions his administration has made.

Levin stressed the recent disaster inside Afghanistan by President Biden and asked, “What has he done to our national security?”

“To your Afghanistan point, I hope that it is simply something with an impact for decades, I hope it is not centuries; it is a profound loss for the U.S., certainly within our lifetime,” Ratcliffe stated. “But one of my worries there, and this is about your larger question about what has President Biden done to America’s security, he has harmed it, but in many respects more so than Afghanistan, but the painful and epic failure in Afghanistan has brought new life into the radical Islamic terror movement, not only in Afghanistan, but everywhere around the world.”

Ratcliffe warned that United States intelligence officials will not understand how bad the consequences of Joe Biden’s actions will be for “a long time to come.”

Ratcliffe then said that America’s national security stance is now weaker with respect to China and Islamic terror groups because of Joe Biden.

“I always see what the intelligence says, what I saw when I was in that position, and one of the challenges we are coming under is a president who is not taking the intelligence into account; our intelligence was crystal clear about what was going to occur in Afghanistan if we got our troops out without conditions negotiated and when Joe Biden abandoned this plan; it went as we said it would and that is unfortunately a trend that will continue where this White House and his national security apparatus keeps making bad choices and ignoring the real intelligence that we have,” he said. “And honestly, nothing worries me more right now.”

Ratcliffe noted that Joe Biden’s disaster inside Afghanistan “demonstrated cowardice on the global stage to our friends and to our enemies.”

In explaining how he damaged America’s national security, Ratcliffe said, “How do you believe our intelligence will work in the Middle East and other places around the globe, when we rely on human intelligence, people who work with the U.S. knowing they will have protection at the end of the day, when they see people who have worked with us for the past few years get beheaded in front of their families?”

“So our ability to even have the best intelligence in the world has been greatly impacted,” he said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire