Biden’s Dreams Crushed As Americans Refuse To Follow His ‘Rules’

Many people are speculating why Joe Biden pushed his latest vaccine mandate. It’s clear he does not have the constitutional authority to direct the Department of Labor to force private companies to require vaccines. Chances are, this order (whenever he does sign it) will not be enforced.

It will most likely die before it even reaches the courts.

We should note that this announcement came after weeks of bad press over Afghanistan. The situation overseas is not getting better and it’s very likely the Biden White House issued this radical move just to distract from that.

But what we can say is that this dictator-like agenda is not going over well with Americans. And they are speaking out.

According to Trafalgar, nearly 60 percent (58.6 percent) of “voters do not believe President Biden has the constitutional authority to force private businesses to require vaccine mandates for employees[.]”

Meanwhile, only 29.7 percent “believe he does have the authority” [emphasis mine], while 11.7 percent don’t know.

In worse news for His Fraudulency, a clear majority of 56.1 percent “support the efforts of state governors to oppose Biden’s nationwide vaccine mandate on private businesses.” Of those 56.1 percent, 46.3% “strongly support” it. [Source: Breitbart]

These are some pretty strong numbers on what Americans think about Biden’s mandate. Nearly 60% believe he does not have the authority to demand private companies require their employees to get vaccinated. Only 29.7% of Americans think he does.

What’s even more eye-opening are some of the other responses. Sixty-eight percent of independent voters are against Biden’s mandate—with only 21 in support of it. Independents support governors opposing Biden’s rule by 62.3%. Even 27% of Democrats say Biden cannot do what he is trying to do.

The good news is that this reveals most Americans are not yet mindless sheep who just do what the government tells them to do. We are still a nation who prizes liberty and will not sacrifice it for a flimsy false sense of security.

Biden and the people running his administration totally misread the American public. But it’s not the first time. This administration is completely out of touch with this country. They ignore the real concerns and issues facing Americans to placate the ruling elite, the far left, and their globalists overlords.

It’s not going to work out well for them.

When 1/3 of voting Democrats oppose Biden’s agenda, things are very bad. Combine that with independents and Republicans, Biden is turning a large majority of Americans against himself and his party.

He was in a bad position after Afghanistan. But that didn’t mean he was doomed. It’s an entire year until the midterms. He could change the narrative. How did he change it, though? By pushing a mandate that violates Americans’ 4th Amendment rights. Wow.

Nothing he does makes sense. Nothing he does upholds or represents the Constitution.

And this party thought it was a good idea to put him in the White House?

Author: Peter Smith