Trump Says He Has “No Choice” But To Remove Biden, And Soon

The 45th president recently gave hints about a possible White House run in 2024. During an interview this week, Donald Trump said that was getting to a point where would have no choice but to go for the White House again.

Trump then targeted Joe Biden by stating that he is an incompetent man as the leader of the nation. While going for the current administration, he stressed that though they say they support being inclusive, they are very “divisive and dividing.”

The 45th president also mentioned the messy United States pullout from the nation of Afghanistan. He warned that “our nation is much more susceptible to attacks by terrorist organizations than ever before.”

In a comment Monday, Trump said our global enemies are now inspired by what they saw in Afghanistan and our country is no longer respected after Joe Biden’s “pathetic” and incompetently managed withdrawal. He said it would take a long time for the United States to get it’s reputation back and stressed that the Taliban is now in a much better position than they were in 20-years ago.

Trump also mentioned the loss of Afghanistan not only helps foreign terrorists, but also helps anti-white groups like Antifa and BLM. He then said the mainstream news media was guilty for not covering these groups.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is wanting to return to Georgia for his ‘Save America’ rally. He will there host the event on Sept. 25 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia.

The rally will feature three GOP candidates that Donald Trump is supporting in the run-up to next year’s midterms. He has endorsed state Senator Burt Jones for the state’s lieutenant governor, former NFL sports star Herschel Walker for the Senate and Congresswoman Jody Hice as Georgia’s secretary of state.

This comes as Donald Trump has stayed focused on Georgia after he said he lost the southern state because of election fraud. As Trump continues to gain in support, Biden has decreased even among Democratic voters. With his key failures being the economy, the southern border and his new vaccine mandate.

Author: Blake Ambrose