Anti-Trump General Caught In Jaw-Dropping Conspiracy With China

New information from The Washington Post, revealed in a just published book, says that General Mark Milley reassured China’s PLA General Li Zuocheng that he would give him a heads up if President Trump attempted an attack in the final moments of his presidency. He did so during a set of phone calls and reassured the Chinese General that he would stand between President Trump and an attack against Chinese assets.

“In a set of secret calls, General Milley, the Joint Chiefs Chairman, assured his counterpart in China, Gen. Li Zuocheng of the PLA, that the U.S. would not strike, according to a new book written by famed journalist Bob Woodward and political reporter Robert Costa.”

“One call happened on October 30, 2020, four days before the election that led to President Trump leaving the White House, and the other on January 8, 2021.”

“General Li, I want to assure you that the U.S. government is now stable and everything is going well,” Milley said. “We will not attack or do any kinetic operations against China.”

“In the book’s details, the American General went so far as to promise he would alert his Chinese counterpart in the event of an American attack, stressing the rapport they had established through backchannels. “General Li, we have known each other for five years. If we are going to attack, I will call you ahead of time. It won’t be a surprise.”

“Allegedly believing that China might lash out if it believed it was at risk from a vengeful president, Milley took the treasonous action. That same day, he phoned the admiral managing the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, the unit responsible for the Pacific and Asia region, and recommended pushing back the military exercises, according to the new book. The admiral accepted the order.”

“Milley also brought in senior officers to look over the procedures for using nuclear weapons, stating that the president alone could give the order — but that he also needed to be involved. Looking each other in the eye, Milley asked one of the officers to say that they understood what he said, in what he thought to be an “oath.”

In other words, Milley told senior officers to go along with his orders and to ignore the order given by the President, the elected commander-in-chief.

The outrageous behavior has caused many calls for Milley to resign or for him to be arrested.

Former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is skeptical about the story.

Author: Blake Ambrose