Democrats Surprise Everyone With Unexpected Election Numbers

Under and an hour after the election polls closed in California, numerous news outlets predicted that the campaign to recall California Dem Governor Gavin Newsom would fail, and he would stay in office.

By 9 pm PT, CBS, NBC, and The AP had projected that a majority of Californian citizens decided that Newsom was their best choice. When the AP said that 60% of ballots were counted, the “no” vote against Newsom’s recall was in the lead with 66.79%, while 33.21% voted for the governor to be kicked out of office.

The certified count will not be seen until October 22.

Ballots were sent to California’s 22 million voters, who were given two questions. First, if Newsom should be recalled or not. Then, who should replace him if recalled.

Leading GOP candidate Larry Elder, who is a conservative radio personality, had the highest votes among Newsom’s potential replacements. Newsom briefly responded to the announcement predicting his win.

“’No’ is not the only answer that was said tonight,” Newsom told journalists. “I want to refocus on what we said ‘yes’ to. We said ‘yes’ to vaccines, science, we said ‘yes’ to stopping this pandemic. We said ‘yes’ to the right to vote without fear or suppression. We said ‘yes’ to women’s rights.”

Elder said the election brought in the attention of national Dems and their donors who tried to stop the Republicans from taking the U.S. Senate. California’s top Democratic senator, Dianne Feinstein, is 88-year-old. The chamber is divided between Democrats and Republicans, with VP Kamala Harris being the tie-breaking vote.

VP Harris campaigned along with Newsom, as did President Biden when he showed for a rally this week. Also, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Dem from Massachusetts, and former President Obama showed in TV spots paid for by Newsom’s election committee.

“Here is what you need to understand about the Sept. 14th recall,” the ad said. “Voting yes means voting for an anti-vaccine Trump supporting Republican.”

According to The AP, Newsom was “using broad-brush strokes that change his opponents’ positions.” All of the Governor’s leading GOP opponents made clear they were vaccinated but were against the government enforcing the shots. Elder had promised to stop statewide mask and vaccine mandates and promised to combat local orders.

Author: Scott Dowdy