Biden Looks Worse Than Ever As More Details Emerge From Afghanistan

The more we learn about Biden’s botched Afghanistan operation, the more we realize it was a foolish, political move. Biden was not doing it because it was the right thing. He did not do it to save American lives or money. He did it in order to look good in front of the American people, to manufacture a win he desperately needed.

But we all know how it turned out. Afghanistan was a major turning point in Biden’s presidency, one that exposed his utter incompetence to the entire country. His poll numbers have not recovered and are actually getting worse as he scrambles to distract from this mounting crisis.

His numbers might continue to plummet, however, after news of this bombshell spreads. Turns out, the general serving in Afghanistan for three years warned him not to withdraw.

Gen. Austin Miller, the Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan from 2018 through July of this year, reportedly warned Democrat President Joe Biden against withdrawing all forces from Afghanistan, and he strongly pushed back against intelligence reports that said the Afghan military could hold off the Taliban for 1-3 years, indicating that they would collapse significantly faster…

“Miller also said once his recommendation was turned down, it became his job to execute on the withdrawal order – and eventually, decisions like abandoning Bagram were made because of constraints and troop caps imposed by the President’s orders.”

A separate Fox News reporter said that Miller repeatedly warned Biden about the situation and about what his recommendation was. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is a pretty serious development in the ongoing Afghanistan saga. During a closed-door Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Gen. Miller dropped this bombshell. Multiple sources who were in the meeting testify to what he said.

The general warned Biden that the Taliban would take over the country much, much faster than 1-3 years. He urged Joe to keep “a level of troops” in Afghanistan. Knowing the threat, Miller recommended keeping troops there, supplemented by our allies, to “maintain a holding pattern.” He obviously knew the Taliban was getting ready to attack. The only thing that would have stopped them? U.S. forces.

Yet Biden, ever the idiot, ignored the warnings of the one man who knew what was really going on. How could Joe reject the advice of someone who had worked in Afghanistan for three years? The man in charge of our forces in the country? He should have been the first person Biden consulted and the man he listened to the most.

Instead, Biden rejected Miller’s advice and hastily pulled our troops. Disasters like abandoning the airbase and leaving behind weapons and gear was the result of Biden’s “constraints and troop caps.”

This makes Biden’s failure all the more damning. He knew, from numerous sources, that Afghanistan would not be safe if he left. Even the former president of the country warned him that tens of thousands of Taliban troops were preparing an invasion.

But Biden went on live TV and lied, saying a Taliban takeover was “highly unlikely.” Where was he getting that information? Once again, Joe was making stuff up, in defiance of reality.

People have died because of Biden’s stupidity. Shouldn’t he be held accountable?

Author: Joe Anderson