Republicans Call In Military Reinforcements To Investigate Team Biden

A group of House GOP members sent a letter this Thursday to Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin demanding a formal investigation into General Mark Milley. A report says that Milley pledged to warn his PLA counterpart before an attack if the Trump administration planned such a strike.

Conservative reporters first obtained the letter, which was led by Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry and signed by 26 other GOP members. In the letter, the lawmakers talk about the news from an upcoming book by Washington Post journalist Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, specifically two secret calls that allegedly happened on Oct. 30, 2020, four days before the 2020 election, and Jan. 8, two days after the Jan 6th protest turned riot. During the calls, Milley promised General Li Zuocheng of the PLA that the United States would not attack and that he would give a warning to the Chinese if an attack were planned, excerpts of the book “Peril” report.

An AR-15-6 investigation is the Army’s top way of getting information in a lot of situations. A 15-6 investigation can be created to review any situation a commander believes necessary for the military.

“We are gravely worried with General Milley’s ability to conduct his responsibilities as Joint Chiefs Chairman. In this recent news, our specific worries involve news from 14 Sept. 2021, which indicate that General Milley blatantly went against the concept of control of the military, and provided aid and comfort to America’s top adversary, the CCP,” the lawmakers said in their letter. “We request a AR 15-6 Investigation start immediately about these allegations.”

After sending the letter, Perry, who is a retired brigadier general with over 38 years of U.S. Army service, said the United States cannot survive treason from inside.

“It is said a country can survive its fools, but it cannot survive treason from inside. Sadly for America, we are infested with both, and it is time to start clearing our house before it is too late,” Perry said. “No matter how many awards you have, you are never higher than your oath to defend the Constitution, and all those people who break it must be kept accountable. This investigation will guarantee the truth is told and oaths are kept.”

Author: Scott Dowdy