Biden’s Corruption Triggers Massive Police Mobilization

Texas law enforcement made moves on Saturday over the increasing migrant crisis happening in Del Rio, Texas, which is a small town on America’s southern border with Mexico.

Governor Greg Abbott stated Saturday the Texas Dept. of Public Safety and Texas National Guard were partnering to secure the area of the southern border where thousands of Haitians have flooded into the United States in recent days.

“The Texas Dept. of Public Safety is now in full force along the southern border in the Del Rio region. They have created a barricade with their police cars,” Abbott said. “The National Guard is helping them protect the border.”

The Texas DPS revealed images through social media revealing a large fleet of cars parked on the banks of the river.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin revealed that police sources said that Texas officials are seeking to get “proactive” where the Biden White House has failed. Security is a top concern given the large number of migrants being put under the Del Rio Bridge.

According to Melugin, “almost 15,000 migrants are under the bridge.”

The Texas agencies are working under Operation Lone Star, which the Texas DPS stated “allows Texas to work where federal officials have failed to #securetheborder.”

According to one Border Report, the amount of Texas State Troopers and National Guard troops who swarmed to the region was around 1,000.

Did the police surge help?

After Texas police swarmed the region where migrants were crossing the Rio Grande, Melugin said the illegal crossing of the southern border had stopped.

The conditions under the Bridge was described as “out of control.” Congressman August Pfluger (R-Texas) said to Fox News the problem is “worse than you can imagine.”

Migrants are piling up huge mounds of trash, they are creating makeshift shelters from nearby sticks and plants, and one migrant — who purportedly was COVID-19 positive — has given birth. The NY Times reported there are less than two dozen toilets for the illegals to use and no running water.

Author: Steven Sinclaire