Biden’s Socialist Dreams Come Crashing Down, See Why…

You’d think after Joe Biden’s failed $1 trillion “stimulus” bill from earlier in the year, he would have learned his lesson. That massive spending bill, touted as “COVID recovery,” caused untold damage to our economy. Not only did it trigger runaway inflation, but the extended unemployment created a workers shortage just as states were reopening.

And that’s just for starters.

The failure of that stimulus should have taught Biden and the Democrats that throwing money around during a recovery causes disaster. But obviously, they haven’t learned. Biden is set to push not only a “bipartisan” $1.2 trillion bill, but a massive $3.5 trillion spending bill. That second spending package amounts to a socialist takeover of our society. And it seems every Democrat on it is on board with it.

For a time, only one voice of reason opposed Biden’s toxic agenda. Joe Manchin, a senator from West Virginia, has signaled he would not vote on this radical spending bill. Now, another Democrat is joining him.

Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema delivered yet another devastating blow to Democrat President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion bill, reportedly informing the White House that she does not support the drug-pricing reforms that the White House is already struggling to get support for…

“Sinema has made her resistance to the current House prescription drug negotiation proposal clear to the White House, according to one of the sources, but it’s unclear if she’s completely immovable.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Sinema, a moderate Democrat from Arizona, is reportedly throwing the breaks on Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill as well. According to reports, she is refusing to support a Medicare prescription drug pricing proposal. It seems like the senator does not like the changes this bill would make to a program millions of retired Americans rely on.

It seems like a very specific issue to oppose, given the massive scope of the bill. Is Sinema really opposed to this one aspect only, or is there something else going on?

Sinema, when she was a congresswoman, had a reputation for being somewhat left-wing. But since becoming a senator (in a decidedly red state), she has become more and more moderate. With Manchin, she has opposed the Democrats’ attempt to destroy the filibuster. Now, she is joining her West Virginia colleague to undermine Biden’s socialist dreams.

It’s possible that this prescription drug issue is just a front for her larger opposition of the bill. Moderate Democrats are dropping left and right in the House. Liberals from swing states lost big in 2020, thanks to socialist Democrats damaging their reputation. Some Democrat senators are safe, coming from deeply blue states.

But people like Sinema and Manchin come from Trump country. If they lean too far left, they might lose their jobs. Because of this, they are willing to defy their entire party by blocking a toxic bill the folks back home hate.

Regardless her motivations, Sinema’s opposition to the bill further complicates Biden’s plans. With Manchin or Sinema, this thing is DOA.

Author: Albert Henderson