Hollywood Liberals Do The Unthinkable During The Emmys

The 73rd Emmy Awards was just put on in LA Sunday and, from how TV’s elite behaved, the Wuhan virus is supposedly over.

In a crowded room, there was not a mask to be seen as TV’s self-reported greatest packed around tables just inches away from each other in what was called an “outdoor” ballroom that definitely featured four walls and a roof. Dancing, singing and kissing each other on the cheek made it seem like a repeat of the 2019 Emmys when nobody understood what a Wuhan was.

The lack of social distance and masks — the same thing for which your average American would be scolded for by many of these same elites now having a party without these restrictions — was not missed by people in the room.

Seth Rogen presented an award and highlighted the lack of COVID protocol forced onto everyday Americans across the nation in a half-serious monologue.

“Good to be at the Emmys,” Rogen said. “Let me begin by saying: there are way too many of us in this small room – what is happening? They said it was outdoors—it’s not! That was a lie. Are we are in a hermetically-sealed tent.”

“I would not have come and why is there a roof? It is more important that there are three chandeliers than being sure we don’t murder Eugene Levy, that was decided. This is crazy. I went from wiping my grocery bags to Paul Bettany sneezing in my face—so, it’s a big week! If anyone will sneeze in my face, Paul, I like that it’s you.”

The current LA County guidance is vert clear: “The LA Health Officer Order forced people aged 2 years and over, regardless of vaccination status, to use a face mask in indoor settings, including all private businesses, and in outdoor large scale events.”

And yet, our alleged betters meet in L.A. so they can party without a mask since they want to see people and have a good time. But for the normal folk to have to follow a different set of rules than the elite follow is more of the same coronavirus hypocrisy that’s typified the covid-19 era.

Author: Steven Sinclaire