Covid Whistleblower Reveals What Biden Doesn’t Want You To Know

A federal whistleblower has come to Project Veritas to expose the federal conspiracy that is covering up adverse reactions to the covid vaccines.

James O’Keefe, the Veritas founder, put out videos given by whistleblower Jodi O’Malley revealing federal doctors and other medical professionals privately admitting the lack of efficacy from the vaccine in discussions behind closed doors.

O’Malley is a nurse with the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. She went to Veritas to expose how the vaccines are “not doing what they were created for.”

“I have seen dozens of people have adverse reactions,” she said.

“If they are not getting vaccine data and then reporting it, then how will we report that this is safe and approved for using?” O’Malley added.

She said she has no fear about speaking out against the agenda because her “faith is in God and not man.”

“What type of person would I be if I saw this — this evil at the top level. We have the FDA, the CDC, that are both meant to protect us, but they are being controlled by the government, and everything that we have done so far is essentially unscientific,” O’Malley said.

“In the end, it’s about people’s health, and we can never get it back — and about our freedom, and about having a peaceful society, and so, ‘no.’ This is the hill I will die on,” she said.

O’Malley recorded her colleagues, including ER doctors Dr. Maria Gonzales and Dr. Dale McGee and registered nurse Deanna Paris, talking about the lack of efficacy for the vaccine.

O’Malley said to Gonzales: “So how come after 18 months, we have not seen any research? Isn’t this fishy to you?”

Gonzales responded: “It is — it is fishy.”

O’Malley said: “It’s very fishy.”

McGee stated: “It’s not that it has not been done. It wasn’t published, that is why.”

Gonzales said: “It has not been done because they don’t want to show that the vaccine is full of sh*t.”

Paris gave similar statements as Gonzales and McGee during a different exchange with O’Malley.

Paris said: “It’s a shame they won’t treat people with coronavirus like they are supposed to, like they should. I believe they want people to die.”

O’Malley asked: “How many have you seen that were vaccinated here?”

Paris responded: “That got sick from side effects? A lot.”

O’Malley said: “A lot!”

Paris stated: “Have you seen it too?”

O’Malley added: “Yeah, and I am like, who is writing the VAERS reports?”

Paris said: “Nobody since it takes more than a half hour to write the damn thing.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire