Chuck Schumer Has a New Trump Conspiracy — And It’s Totally Laughable

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) recently put the blame for America’s current labor shortage, partly, onto former President Trump’s efforts to combat illegal immigration.

Talking with reporters this week after the Senate parliamentarian decision against including a path for citizenship in the upcoming budget reconciliation, Schumer said one of the top reasons for the worker shortage was “how Trump lowered immigration.”

“The American public understand that repairing our broken immigration system is a top moral imperative and an economic imperative since immigrants are so vital to our economy,” the top Democrat said.

“Talking about a shortage of workers — one of the top reasons is how Trump lowered the flow of immigrants, both undocumented and documented,” he said.

The lawmaker added before, in specific mention to the Senate parliamentarian’s decision, that the ruling was “very disappointing” to him.

“It frustrated me and angered me, because so many people’s lives are at stake. But the fight goes on,” he said.

Schumer and other Dems in Congress had been working with the Biden White House to pass liberal immigration measures as part of Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending program by giving green cards and a path to citizenship for around 8 million immigrants from four categories: so-called “Dreamers,” people with Temporary Protected Status, farm workers, and essential workers.

But that program hit a wall over the weekend after two moderate Dem senators — Joe Manchin (from W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (from Ariz.) — signaled they may block the spending program.

Then, this Sunday, Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough gave another blow to Biden and his Democratic friends in decided that the immigration reforms could not be put inside a budget reconciliation due to them amounting to “a broad and new immigration policy.”

“These policy changes outweigh the budgetary impact scored to it and it’s not appropriate to include inside reconciliation,” MacDonough said.

Meanwhile, the American economy is grappling with a labor shortage during its slow recovery from coronavirus lockdowns — and that is where Senator Schumer hoped to use some political pressure to get his wish by connecting America’s labor shortage to GOP efforts to combat illegal immigration, essentially saying that open borders would cause jobs to get filled.

Author: Steven Sinclaire