Biden’s Border Crisis Levels Up Into Full-Blown Disaster

Haitian illegals who were being removed from the country after they broke United States immigration laws allegedly attacked United States pilots and multiple ICE agents, including biting two agents.

“Federal assault charges were brought against two Haitians after they bit police officials on a deportation flight as the plane was going to the runway,” The Washington Examiner said. “This week, a flight that was departing Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio and was going toward the runway when the plane was forced to go back to the gate due to a disturbance on the plane. Two of the passengers got out of their seats and attacked ICE and Removal Operations officers.”

A top law enforcement official said to the publication that the Haitian illegals “lost it” after they discovered that they were being sent back to Haiti after they broke U.S. laws. The report revealed that the government was forced to cancel a new flight this week because the illegals were “being disruptive and not going along with the process,” and “were fighting people on the plane.”

NBC News reported on what seems to be a separate incident in which the illegals allegedly assaulted the pilots and injured three ICE officials.

“Haitians deported from the United States this week assaulted the pilots on one of the flights when it landed in Port-au-Prince and hurt three immigration agents,” NBC News said. “The men attacked the pilots of the plane, who work for a federal contractor fired to conduct the deportation flights for ICE, while the families were still on the plane. Three ICE officials were also assaulted on the plane, each having non-life-threatening injuries, the source stated.”

DHS gave a statement in response to the new report:

“This week, some adult migrants caused some disruptions on the tarmac after getting off the plane in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haitian crowd control responded to the incidents and resolved the problem. ICE fully respects ability of all people to peacefully show their opinions, while continuing to work its immigration enforcement consistent with our laws and policies.”

Author: Scott Dowdy