Psaki Attempts Verbal Jujitsu To Shift The Blame For The Border Crisis — It Doesn’t Go Well

White House media secretary Jen Psaki said during this Thursday’s media briefing that the “dysfunction” of former President Trump’s border policies meant that the Biden White House was left a “very broken system.”

A reporter said that President Biden stated the images from the southern border – which showed thousands of migrants sleeping inside a tent city near a bridge in Texas – were “horrible.” Some Democrats have claimed the photos look like how the border appeared under the Trump White House, and the journalist asked Psaki what Joe Biden thinks about these comments.

“What our job is, and what President Biden has asked about his outreach team, and his national security team to do, is to clearly explain what the policy is and is not. We should not see it as different than the policy of the previous administration which the president sees as inhumane and ineffective, was not operationally working.”

“And due to this dysfunction, we have come to a very broken system and are now dealing with it today,” the media secretary said. “So what the president has asked is for us to convey to the American people who understandably have concerns and questions, as we are about the pictures that we have seen, is one, we feel those pictures are horrific and horrible.”

Psaki said there is a continuing investigation at the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) and pledged that the investigation would “go quickly.” She also said that horses would no longer be a tool of enforcement in Del Rio, where viral images revealed what looked like Border Patrol agents using reins to whip Haitian migrants. Border patrol has denied these allegations and stated that the reins were used to manage the horses.

“It is also important for Americans to understand what our immigration process is,” Psaki went on. “We are still under the Title 42 since we are in the covid-19 pandemic so we are still working from that. If people are not expelled under this, then there are some options.”

Biden’s team is clearly having trouble with the facts. Everything the Democrats have done since taking over the White House has attracted in wave after wave of illegals. And this is exactly what they have wanted. Trump is not to blame for their agenda.

Author: Blake Ambrose