Republicans Cave — Do The Unthinkable To America’s Military

This week, the press office of Congressman Chip Roy (TX) sent a message from his Twitter account about the extremism of the Democrat House bill H.R. 4350, otherwise called the National Defense Authorization Act. (NDAA)

The bill had all of Washington supporting it, going through with a big winning vote of 316 – 113, with 134 GOP members joining with Democrats to pass it.

Congressman Roy went to Twitter to stress the various radical sections of the bill, including the anti-second amendment “red flag laws” against America’s military, a plan to deal with discrimination based on “sexual orientation” in the military, anti-white critical race theory being forced onto America’s troops, hiring “gender advisors” to work in the Pentagon, and even forcing women to participate in the draft.

Perhaps worst was the bill “also forms an ‘Office of Countering Extremism’ which might expel troops who have so-called ‘extremist actions’ or are a part of an ‘extremist organization.’”

This particular section has caused many people to be rightly worried, as many discussions by the federal government and liberal media show that they have an agenda of ridding the military of ‘extremism,’ a term which they control and is loosely defined and used mostly against white conservative christians.

Congressman Roy is widely seen as one of the most brave and principled people in the United States Congress, frequently going as a guest on the Tucker Carlson show to talk about various conservative topics – including a new special where he asked for the Gov. of Texas to ‘to start ignoring Biden’ on his inability to deal with the crisis at the border.

“So yes, 134 GOP just voted for this.” The Congressman’s team’s ending post concluded.

“A woke military that forces our daughters to fight, wastes our resources on the Green New Deal garbage, keeps no one accountable for the Afghanistan disaster, and prioritizes liberal politics over destroying America’s enemies.”

“Congressman Roy voted no.”

This comes at a time when the vaccine mandate has already caused chaos and tension within America’s armed forces. With many military members choosing to leave the service altogether rather than undergo the experimental vaccine.

Author: Steven Sinclaire