DHS Betrays America — And The Devil Is In The Details

Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas said this Sunday that as much as 12,000 Haitians who recently forced their way into the U.S. illegally have now been released into the United States — not repatriated back to their home nation.

The Biden White House promised “widespread expulsions” of the Haitians that encamped under a bridge, the AP reported. That promise was exposed as a lie when the AP reported the Joe Biden team was actually allowing the migrants to be let go on a “very, very large scale.”

While the Biden White House promised repatriation for these migrants, officials report nothing about the migrants staying inside America.

Chris Wallace, from Fox News, confronted Mayorkas about this discrepancy on Sunday after stressing that the Secretary told him that 12,400 of these illegals are having their cases worked on by immigration courts, and another 5,000 illegals are currently getting processed by Homeland Security.

“Mr. Secretary, of these 17,400, how many were released into the United States, and how many more are possibly being released into the United States?” Wallace asked.

Mayorkas admitted that just “around 3,000” of the Del Rio illegals are being detained.

When Wallace questioned Mayorkas again, highlighting that Mayorkas dodged his question, Mayorkas said that “around 10,000 or so” of the illegals who were at the Del Rio bridge were released into the country — then Mayorkas immediately changed his estimate to 12,000.

For the remaining 5,000 illegals who are getting processed by the DHS, Mayorkas said that immigration officials would decide if they are released or repatriated depending on “our public health and interest.”

“It might be higher,” Mayorkas then admitted about the amount of released illegals when Wallace asked for further clarification.

When the Fox News Host confronted Mayorkas about the illegals who are released into the United States end up living here permanently, the DHS sec. dodged again and said that fact stressed “that our system is broken and new reform is required.”

Later during the interview, Wallace asked why the Biden White House did not stop the flood of illegals from illegally entering the United States, with a straight face, Mayorkas said, “we did.”

“Why did you not build a wall to stop them from coming in— this flood of people coming over the dam?” Wallace asked. “It looks like a highway crossing the Rio Grande.”

“It is the policy of this White House. We do not agree with a wall,” Mayorkas responded.

Author: Scott Dowdy