Biden Announces The End To Forced Vaccinations — But This Must Happen First

President Biden has confirmed what many people feared as COVID-19 restrictions continue: The people who are in power never want this crisis to stop.

As Biden was getting his booster shot this Monday on camera, the now-thrice-vaccinated president was questioned about what it would take for the nation to get back to “normal,” presumably referring to no masks or other restrictions that have been a policy for the past 19 months.

“How many people must be vaccinated for America to get back to normal? What percentage of vaccinations” an unnamed reporter asked Biden.

“Look, I believe we get most, like what is going on in some of these businesses and some schools, ticks up to 97, 98 percent. I think we are getting really close,” Biden said.

“But I am not the scientist, but one thing that is for certain — a quarter of the nation cannot go unvaccinated and we not continue to have an issue.”

Last month, the White House hit its benchmark with 70 percent of Americans getting at least one dose of the vaccine, according to The AP.

However, Joe Biden’s latest comment indicates a larger goal that would require punishment and force to achieve but also one that confirms the worst suspicions many Americans have had about the whole pandemic — and conservatives were fast to take apart this stunning Biden admission.

Some stressed the complete absurdity of forcing mass vaccinations while also ignoring natural immunity and others highlighted that the White House is allowing in illegals into the nation with COVID-19 infections and without worrying about their vaccination status.

Early into the covid pandemic, it became apparent that something other than public health was behind the Democrats’ lockdowns.

While Americans stayed in their homes and their businesses died out, thousands of protesters were allowed to march in the streets for so-called “racial justice.”

Then the release of effective vaccines was promoted as saving grace, the linchpin needed to bring America out of hopelessness and back into normal life.

But these hopes went away with news about breakthrough cases of COVID-19 for the completely vaccinated and the reinstatement of masks even for the vaccinated.

Any adult who wants a vaccine can get one, and many people want not to for their own reasons — so why force universal vaccinations?

The answer is of course about power and control.

Author: Scott Dowdy