Shutdown Looms As Republicans Refuse To Bow To Democrat Demands

Let’s get one thing straight. Democrats have control of the Senate, House, and presidency. If they wanted to, they get pretty push whatever toxic scheme they’d like. We’ve seen that already, with their passage of Biden’s terrible “stimulus” bill back in January. Their refusal to address the fall of Afghanistan or our border crisis. Or their denial of the crime epidemic happening across the country.

But, for some reason, they are refusing to take ownership of one critical issue in Congress. Democrats want to pass a massive spending bill that will burden Americans for generations to come. Their $3.5 trillion spending bill will not only expand the welfare state, but hammer future Americans for decades.

In order to get it done, Congress needs to increase the amount of money it borrows, aka: the “debt ceiling.” However, even though they have the votes, Democrats want Republicans to share in the dirty work.

They’ve tied the debt ceiling to a bill that will keep the government open. But Republicans shut it down.

Senate Republicans blocked a government spending and debt ceiling bill Monday, setting up a dramatic showdown between Republicans and Democrats on whether Congress should raise the debt ceiling while Democrats plan to spend trillions on infrastructure and social spending…

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said ahead of the vote that Republicans would support a government funding bill as long as it does not raise the debt ceiling.

“Let me make it abundantly clear one more time: We will support a clean continuing resolution that will prevent a government shutdown … We will not provide Republican votes for raising the debt limit,” McConnell said.

“Republicans are not rooting for a shutdown or a debt limit breach,” he added. [Source: Breitbart]

Republicans have made it clear they will vote to keep the government running. But they will not support the left’s attempts to raise the debt limit. Democrats are only doing this so they can move forward with Biden’s bloated $3.5 socialist experiment. Republicans have made it clear that if the Democrats want to do that, they’ll have to do it themselves.

Democrats can easily get that done on their own, by adding the debt ceiling to their spending bill. But they know that some moderates are not willing to vote for it. So, they are hoping to get this socialist takeover pushed through piece by piece, through other bills. Republicans are not having it.

A government shutdown is not the end of the world, they happen very often. But some “experts” are panicking over what could happen if the debt ceiling is not raised. That’s only a problem, if Democrats move forward with their radical spending bill. They need the debt limit increased, if they want to spend so much more money.

(I guess Biden didn’t think about this when he proposed this spending plan? Not like he thinks of most things…)

Everything will come to a head this Thursday. The government could stay open, or shut down for weeks.

Author: Alex Graham