Biden Gets a Bone-Chilling Warning From South Of The Border

The Foreign Minister from Panama has warned United States officials that 60,000 Haitian illegals are traveling from Latin America in hopes of getting into the U.S., according to reporting this week from Axios.

Erika Mouynes has said that over 85,000 illegals have gone through Panama, many of them have besieged the American border at the Bridge connecting Texas and Mexico previously this month. Most of Del Rio migrants were awarded residency in the U.S., making it possible that a lot more will come in search of a giveaway. Mouynes said that 60,000 of the Haitians went through Panama are still on their way to the U.S., and will be emboldened by Joe Biden’s refusal to deport illegals.

Another 30,000 migrants are waiting at the border Panama with Colombia to come into the former, with most wanting to eventually reach the U.S.

Mouynes accused the Biden White House of ignoring past warnings about overflowing illegal immigration from the country of Panama, which is a top American ally in Central America. “We warned them before,” said Mouynes of past attempts to warn the United States of the phenomenon. Caravan-style migrants want to reach the United States to get residency, free welfare, and even citizenship in the nation, but their presence causes a costly toll on United States allies like Panama and Mexico as they are forced to handle large armies of homeless people.

Mounyes was in DC this week, where she tried to get more cooperation from Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Biden team members on deterring caravan-style movements. “We have engaged with every authority that we know of, that we can find, to say, ‘Please, let us pay attention to this,’” she said to Axios about her efforts.

President Biden beat the all-time record for illegals in one year this past Wednesday. While the illegals logged in the books are getting detained- at least for some days- it is another distinction to set the top record for apprehensions. The more illegals that get into the United States, the more are caught, serving as a sign of the rotten agenda of Biden’s ‘America Last’ immigration policy.

Author: Scott Dowdy