Biden Sends Message To Stranded Americans: “Don’t Come Back”

When Biden cowardly withdrew the last of our troops from Afghanistan, he claimed there were few Americans left in the country. His administration even suggested these stranded Americans wanted to stay in a country now controlled by the Taliban. But we quickly learned that this failed administration and president was lying once again.

Many Americans, perhaps hundreds (some say one thousand), are still stuck in Afghanistan. All of them want out. Even more shocking is the fact that our own government was exposed for not letting private flights go and get them. Biden’s State Department quickly put the blame on the Taliban, saying they wanted more from us.

That claim now sounds even less believable, now that we know Biden’s DHS is denying Americans from coming home.

Evacuees that fled Afghanistan on September 28, are now stranded at an airport hangar in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with poor conditions after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) denied landing rights to a charter flight carrying more than 100 U.S citizens and lawful permanent residents…

Reuters reported 28 American citizens, six people with U.S. Immigration Visas, and 83 green card holders are being stashed at the hangar in Abu Dhabi. Fifty-nine of the evacuees are children…

Amenities and conditions in the hangar are poor, Fox News reports. Evacuees are struggling “with limited food and water, no shower options, poor bathrooms, and restricted movement due to them being on an airfield, organizers say. Families are sleeping on tile floors and hard plastic chairs with limited access to potable water,” according to Fox. [Source: Breitbart]

This is reprehensible. Over 100 evacuees, including many Americans and 59 children, are stranded in a hanger in Abu Dhabi, because Biden’s idiot DHS won’t let them fly home. The agency claims they are concerned with the people carrying disease—but that is flimsy excuse. First of all, the people who chartered the flight proved the passengers are up to date on their measles shots and all tested negative for COVID.

And even without that assurance, all the government needs to do is quarantine them stateside for a week or so, to make sure. Take them to a hospital, have them checked out and treated, and let them go home. We do that all the time. So, why won’t our government let these people in?

Reports suggest they can’t even get hotel rooms in Abu Dhabi, a major metropolitan center in the Middle East. They are forced to sleep in a hanger, without access to showers, food, and drinkable water.

This is unacceptable. A real U.S. government would move heaven and earth to get Americans and green card holders home. We can only believe the Trump administration would have done everything in its power to ensure these passengers were already with their families, safe in the U.S.A.

Why is Biden so reluctant to help Americans in need? He reportedly flew tens of thousands on non-Americans and non-green card holders into the country. Some of them have already broken the law and were deported. But actual Americans, women and children, he’s ignoring?

Something is very wrong.

Author: Matt Anderson