Obama Enraged After Getting Treated Like a Republican For The First Time

They are never going to say it. They will never admit it. But Biden’s immigration agenda is essentially about open borders.

Anyone can come here— with no rules or consequences. Migrants even get charted flights and free bus trips to anywhere in the country. It’s crazy.

There are highway underpasses completely swamped with hordes of people—photos the Biden White House does not want anyone see because it only amplifies how severe this crisis is.

It’s such mess that even Barack Obama is being forced to remove his support from Biden’s policy of open borders.

But surprisingly his statements about the topic was edited out of his ABC interview with him.

In an overly hyped interview this week between former President Obama and Robin Roberts of ABC about the opening of his new presidential center, ABC News removed the part of President’s comments about the current southern border crisis in which he was against “open borders,” saying it was “unsustainable.”

Of course, ABC did what they could to guard the current Democratic President but Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich exposed them.

In a report, Heinrich highlighted that ABC left in the part where Obama put all the blame for the crisis on the GOP:

“Days after the Biden white house cleared 15,000 Haitians from the migrant camp, former President Obama defended Biden’s handling of the crisis passing blame to the Republicans.”

OBAMA: “Comprehensive immigration reform has consistently been stuck partly due to us not getting enough GOP members to support it.”

She then called out how ABC only spoke about his criticism of open borders on their website. “But removed from the interview was President Obama saying, ‘We are a nation-state. We have borders. The idea that we can have open borders is something that, as a practical issue is unsustainable.’”

Surprisingly, CBS actually did mention Obama’s comments. “Former President Obama also spoke during an interview about the current immigration crisis stating, that ‘Americans want to help others but the idea that we can have open borders is not sustainable,’” said Norah O’Donnell.

Obama never wanted Joe Biden to be president. It’s pretty obvious now. The man is too stupid, and too weak for the job.

Author: Steven Sinclaire