Biden’s Toxic Leadership Puts Democrats In a Tailspin

Democrats tore into each other the weekend after the failure of the liberal infrastructure bill to reach a vote, when progressives attempted to hold the bill hostage to get a vote on the spending spree reconciliation bill.

As we and others have reported, Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) flamed the Dem leaders for not putting on the vote as pledged this week and slamming the “stunt” of the progressives.

Media is not silent about the toxic division between the Democrats, either.

But what it comes down to is that this was allegedly Biden’s agenda — these were two bills he was pushing forward, albeit spearheaded by Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA). However, as we saw in the Afghanistan situation, he just expected it all to happen, despite him not having a plan as to how it would happen. Which is why it all came undone.

Here, again, he came across the same issue. He had no idea or plan how to get this past the progressives and Dem moderates. This is Joe Biden who spent his entire life in the Senate and yet, still does not know how to get two bills through Washington.

Here is ABC’s Jonathan Karl going over the fact that when Joe Biden went to the Hill last Friday, Democrats believed he was going with some leadership to get the agenda past. Instead, he said, they were “speechless. There was no strategy, no plan, no timing.”

Just like in Afghanistan — you get an artificial deadline without any idea how to make it happen.

On top of this, just like with Afghanistan, Democrats say his staff are incompetent.

Punchbowl News’ John Bresnahan stated that the Democrat infighting was “very toxic.” He also said that a chief staffer of a moderate Dem said that the White House legislative affairs people “do not know what they are doing.”

Guess who was one of the people that Joe Biden used to push the legislation? If you guessed Susan Rice, you are right.

She was Obama’s National Security Adviser and now she is the director of the White House domestic policy council. Then why does anyone wonder why it didn’t work? That’s the person who tried to sell us a lie on Benghazi. She is the one who seems to get deployed when everything was a disaster and about to collapse. Small wonder that it did not work here.

No strategy, no plan. But a lot of spinning and fantasy— that’s the Biden White House in a nutshell.

Author: Blake Ambrose