Federal Judge Exposes Top-Down Targeting Of Trump Supporters

One of the foundations of America’s justice system is now being threatened by uneven use of force used by the Biden Justice Dept., according to one federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, a President Trump appointee, stated late Friday that a double standard is being forced onto those who are coming under rioting charges in relation to the Jan. 6 Capitol protest.

He said authorities were being more lenient in their charges against those connected to the riots that happened after the death of George Floyd.

“The United States Attorney’s Office would be more credible if it was even in its charges concerning riots and in the city,” McFadden said at a hearing for one of the January 6 protestors.

McFadden said that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser gave a scathing letter to officials over their refusal to push forward with cases from the Floyd riots.

“Since May 30, the Metropolitan Police Dept. has given 63 affidavits in support for arrest and search warrants directly connected to criminal activities done under the guise of the First Amendment assemblies,” Bowser said in the Aug. letter.

“Twenty-eight warrants were declined, while another 24 are pending review. This shows a disturbing pattern we also found in homicide cases, where our information shows 18 warrants that are now pending at your office awaiting action,” she said.

During his sentencing, Judge McFadden scolded the defendant Danielle Doyle, who plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully protesting.

“You were behaving like the rioters who attacked our city last year,” the judge said, likening the Capitol protest to the violent Floyd riots that featured police cars and a police station being set on fire.

Prosecutors wished for Doyle to be given two months house arrest. Judge McFadden instead fined the Trump supporter $3,000, with another $500 to cover the damages done to the Capitol.

The overwhelming drive by Democrats to punish Trump supporters is obvious to anyone watching the news over the past five years. Federal prosecutors, now that Joe Biden is in office, are searching for excuses to throw conservatives in jail.

Author: Steven Sinclaire