New Study Proves Democrat States Are The Worst States

Joe Biden and Democrats in D.C. are pushing very hard to get their spending agenda passed. This “build back better” plan will cost upwards of $5 billion. It will expand socialist programs, putting millions more Americans on welfare. It will increase the size of the federal government by leaps and bounds. And, of course, it will raise taxes.

But Democrats have a big problem. They need to convince Americans that this plan is good for them. That spending more and more of their money is going to create an America that everyone wants. The big issue? We just got a report of the states in the worst financial conditions. And they are run by Democrats.


In seven of the 10 states in the worst financial shape with the highest taxpayer burdens, the state government was under unified Democratic control (the governor and both houses of the state legislature were Democratic), while the other three were under divided control.

None of the 10 states in the worst financial straits were Republican-controlled. [Source: Just the News]

Oh, isn’t that interesting? Seven of the ten states in the worst financial shape were run by Democrats in both the governor’s house and legislature. Those states are Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, Delaware, California and New York. The other states in the top ten include Massachusetts, Kentucky and Vermont—which have divided party control.

Hmm… I wonder if it’s the Republicans in those last three states making the problems? Well, states with Republican majorities are in a much better position, so I’m guessing it’s the liberals generating the problems.

On top of that, states with taxpayer surpluses included Alaska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Tennessee, Nebraska, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, and Minnesota. Only one was Democrat controlled and one was split. All the others had Republican majorities.

Why the drastic disparity? I thought that was obvious. States with majority Republican control fight for lower taxes, less welfare, and less government spending. They encourage economic (and wage) growth that attracts businesses and workers. They also have these things called laws and prevent major spikes in crime, illegal immigration, and other threats to a thriving economy.

States that are suffering financially have been run for years by liberals. They continue to expand welfare, which rewards people for not working. They have policies encouraging illegal immigration, further depriving Americans of jobs. Their heavy business and property taxes drive away companies. These are the same politicians that have defunded police. And ironically, despite having much higher taxes, they can’t get enough cash to pay all their bills.

Maybe because they are driving everyone away?

These same policies are what make up Biden’s “build back better” agenda. More spending, more welfare, more illegal immigration, and higher taxes. What Democrats have done in states like New York and California, they want to do it everywhere else. They won’t be satisfied until every state in the Union is broke and miserable like they are.

Author: Sam Graham