Moderate Democrat Faces Harassment Everywhere She Goes

Time is rapidly running out for Democrats to pass the biggest piece of Biden’s “build back better” agenda. The puppet president has rejected all pretenses of being moderate to push a radical, $3.5 trillion socialist spending plan. Most Democrats in D.C. are blindly supporting it, except for two real moderates in the Senate.

Sen. Joe Manchin has refused to support this bloated bill, repeatedly saying it was far too expensive. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has said much the same, refusing to support raising taxes. But while Manchin has only been forced to sit through meetings with Joe Biden (their own kind of torture), the radical left has decided to take a much more extreme method of coercion for the female senator.

Yesterday, we learned that illegal alien activists confronted Sinema in a bathroom, recording it on video. That brought intense backlash and condemnation from everyone (except Joe Biden). Clearly, these idiots didn’t learn their lesson, because soon after, they were at it again.

Far-left activists harassed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) during a flight on Monday and at the airport in their attempts to get her to pass Democrat President Joe Biden’s agenda…

“Message from Karina – I am a DACA recipient from Arizona who volunteered to help elect Sen. Sinema,” the far-left group ADAC posted on Twitter on Monday. “I asked her to follow through on her promises to immigrants in Arizona and support citizenship through reconciliation.”

Other videos posted online showed the left-wing activists harassing Sinema at the airport and specifically pressing her on why she does not support all of Biden’s radical agenda. [Source: Daily Wire]

Not only are these activists violating Sinema’s privacy and undermining the democratic process, they clearly don’t even understand what’s at stake. It appears their chief concern is getting Sinema to support Biden’s radical spending bill—in order to push amnesty for illegals.

Except, it has already been determined that amnesty (and other immigration policies) will not be in the spending bill. The Senate parliamentarian has already explained that policy changes do not belong in a reconciliation budget bill. Democrats won’t be able to pass immigration reform without support from 10 Republicans in the Senate.

But far be it from leftist activists to understand the facts. They are simply being used by their organizations to harass and oppress a woman senator, so that powerful groups get their way. They don’t even understand that the issue they allegedly care so much about won’t even be in the spending bill.

Do these activists think that bully tactics have anything to do with our democracy? They are actually undermining the very principles on which our country is built. Sinema is obligated to represent the concerns of all Arizona citizens, not a handful of angry activists who aren’t even American citizens.

It doesn’t seem the left cares much about what most Americans want. And they kick and scream to get their way.

Author: Peter Smith