Democrats Quaking In Their Boots After Trump Makes This Announcement

It’s no secret that Democrats are scared of one big thing, Donald Trump returning to the White House. And they have good reason to be scared. Liberals have been in charge for less than a year and the country is in shambles.

We are suffering from record inflation, supply shortages, a worker crisis, an open border crisis, a crime epidemic, and more. Joe Biden and his clueless administration have no idea how to lead. Democrats are lurching from one disaster to another. Worse than all that, they are blindly pushing massive spending, despite the fact no American wants it.

More and more people are already looking to 2024. They can’t wait for a chance to eject these idiots out of office. And there’s no guessing at who they want back in the saddle. In fact, Donald Trump’s approval appears to be soaring, months out of office. And in one key state, it’s at an all-time high.

Former President Donald Trump’s favorability rating in Iowa has reached an all-time high, the Des Moines Register reported Monday.

According to the Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, 53 percent of Iowans have a favorable view of Trump and 45 percent have an unfavorable view. Two percent of those polled are not sure how they feel about the former president…

The Register’s poll results come just as Trump is set to return to Iowa on Saturday to hold a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. According to the publication, it will be the first time he has returned to the state since the 2020 election. [Source: Breitbart]

According to a new poll, Trump’s favorability among Iowans is the highest it’s ever been. In fact, his approval among Republicans in the state is staggeringly high, at 91%. This is pretty key, since Iowa is the first stop for most presidential candidates during the primaries.

And Trump just happens to be going to Des Moines since Saturday. Coincidence? I think not.

What’s particularly interesting about this poll is that Trump has his highest rating, out of office. How can that be? How can a president who is currently not in office even garner an approval rating—one that has improved? Why are voters giving him better marks, when he hasn’t made any decisions or lead the nation in nine months?

It’s because Iowans are getting a big case of buyer’s remorse. Idiots dumped Trump in 2020 in exchange for a crooked career politician who is suffering from dementia. It took less than a year for most Americans to wish Trump was back in office. Every time Biden and his extremist leftists screwed something up, more Americans realized how much better we had it under Trump.

Don’t think this trend is going to change. Iowa might be a conservative state, but we think even some blue states will turn in the coming months and years. Joe Biden’s trajectory is down. His party refuses to do anything to win back America’s approval. As they continue to crash and burn, more voters are going to see the light.

Author: Sam Anderson