Biden Hires Anti-White Radicals — You Won’t Believe Her New Role

President Biden has hired a critical race theory activist to a spot in the Department of Education during a time when parents are growing angry at school meetings around the nation to fight against the anti-white curriculum, which has also gotten the attention of the Justice Dept.

The hiring of Precious McKesson as a special assistant to the Office of Communication and Outreach — a job not subject to any Senate consent — deserves even more anger from Republicans and parents who are concerned about the white-guilt curriculum being forced onto children.

McKesson has been a vocal supporter for the theory, which says that all United States institutions were created during a time of slavery and so are fundamentally racist, and that the only way to remove racism is to remove white people through blending. She has also fought conservatives who are opposed to CRT.

“Republicans … have made CRT a boogeyman without really knowing what it is,” she co-wrote with two other Nebraska Dem Party chairs in an Aug. op-ed. “Simply put, CRT looks at cultural, social and legal issues as they connect to racism.”

Nebraska Dem Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb stated that she supported McKesson’s hiring, adding that she knows McKesson will make a good presidential appointee.

Some states have restricted the use of anti-white CRT in public schools, while blue states such as Illinois and New Jersey have passed initiatives forcing the subject onto children regardless of parental approval.

Her appointment comes as the Biden Justice Dept. announced it is ordering U.S. attorneys and the FBI to look at so-called violent threats and acts made during school board meetings as a growing amount of parents become away of the anti-white teachings in the CRT curriculum.

The department is doing this in response to a letter from the National School Board Association which asked President Biden to use federal police agencies to determine if parents’ actions broke federal law, even going to the level of being “domestic terrorism.”

The move infuriated Republicans who accused the Biden White House of using federal authorities to destroy parental speech and rights.

Author: Steven Sinclaire