Manchin Builds His Own Wall To Save America From Extremists

If you’ve been following the drama unfolding on Capitol Hill, you know all about the looming debt ceiling crisis. Soon, the United States will hit the limit of its borrowing power. Unless Congress raises the debt ceiling, America will default on its loans, triggering a cascade of economic disasters—including a worldwide recession and stops on Social Security payments.

Democrats have the power to raise the debt ceiling on their own, through reconciliation. But for some reason, they are demanding Republicans vote with them. After refusing to work with Republicans all year long, suddenly they want their votes. Republicans in the Senate, as you can except, refuse.

So, instead of doing the obvious and just voting on a reconciliation bill, Democrats are trying to use the debt ceiling crisis to get something for themselves. Some of them are even trying to erode the filibuster (AGAIN) to pass a debt limit increase. But once again, Sen. Joe Manchin is giving them the bad news.

On Wednesday, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) shot down the possibility of amending the filibuster after Democrats reportedly discussed making an exemption from the rule for the debt ceiling vote…

“I’ve been very, very clear where I stand, where I stand on the filibuster,” Manchin said. “I don’t have to repeat that. I think I’ve been very clear. Nothing changes. But the bottom line is we have a responsibility to be the adults. Our leadership has a responsibility to lead and that’s what I’m asking, imploring them to do.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Joe Manchin is remaining firm on his unwillingness to support an end to the filibuster, even over this one issue. He knows that if the left gets to “carve out” an exception, it will lead to more exceptions, eventually destroying the filibuster altogether.

The senator rebuked his own party, calling on them to “be the adults.” It’s painfully obvious that Chuck Schumer, the ringleader in this madness, refuses to do what is necessary to prevent the government from defaulting. He and most of his Democrats are trying to use this situation to squeeze Republicans.

Democrats never see a crisis as something they need to solve. Instead, they see them as opportunities to get what they want. Democrats in the Senate are trying to force Republicans to vote with them on the debt ceiling, hoping they could use it as leverage to pass Biden’s massive spending bill.

They know Republicans will never support it. So, liberals are jeopardizing the country, and much of the world, over their partisan bickering.

Manchin is calling on his party to suck it up and get this done via reconciliation. All they have to do is draft a bill that raises the debt ceiling and get it passed. Why is that so hard for Democrats to do?

Because making common-sense decisions that put Americans ahead of political fighting is not something Democrats are good at. They talk a big talk, come election time, but when they are in power the last thing they care about is America’s well-being.

Author: Peter Anderson