Biden Is So Bad, Americans Are Actually Begging For War

How bad is Biden failing? Well, he’s managed to fail so spectacularly, that he’s gotten Americans to want war. For years, Americans have grown sick and tired of these so-called endless conflicts overseas. We’ve seen so many of our troops into countries, only to see little progress. Our engagement has dragged on and on, sparking demands we bring them home.

That was certainly the case with Afghanistan. We were there for 20 years. The vast majority of Americans wanted the “war” over and our troops brought home. Even Donald Trump was planning a withdrawal. Joe Biden, ignoring numerous warnings, hastily pulled our troops—allowing the Taliban to take over.

The ensuing drama and chaos were so bad, it has actually reversed a decades-long opinion.

Americans’ opinions on the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan has dramatically shifted only a month after the U.S. completed its departure from the country.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, just 28 percent of Americans said they believed a full withdrawal was the right thing to do, while 50 percent believed that the U.S. should have pulled out some troops, and 15 percent said it should not have withdrawn any troops at all. The full withdrawal was supported by 47 percent of Democrats, 28 percent of Independents, and just 7 percent of Republicans. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is pretty major. Only 28% of Americans now think a full withdrawal from Afghanistan was necessary. Now, 50% think we should have kept some troops to maintain stability.

You have to realize what a radical change this has been from what we’ve been hearing for twenty years. Joe Biden failed so badly, that Americans now believe we should have STAYED in Afghanistan.

Why has opinion changed? Because Americans saw what happened after Biden hastily pulled our troops. We learned in real-time that Afghanistan was not capable of defending itself. That we need at least some military presence to prevent our enemies from growing strong.

That doesn’t mean we should have kept spending billions on the foreign land. But Americans were disgusting to learn Biden abandoned thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of our allies. We were shocked and outraged that he left behind billions of dollars worth of military weapons and gear.

If it came down to a choice between keeping soldiers or letting the Taliban thrive, Americans know what they’d choose.

What’s hilarious is that, despite all the chaos, Biden still demanded praise for withdrawing from Afghanistan. He still expected people to consider it a victory for his administration. His idiot staff her boasted that it was the “largest” evacuation mission in our history (ignoring that it should had been unnecessary and the most chaotic).

But just as Biden tries to tout his success, Americans change their mind. He can’t even get kudos for leaving Afghanistan, because Americans now think we should have stayed.

No matter what Joe does, he is a failure. Sounds about right.

Author: Samuel Anderson