Illegals Aren’t Shy About Their Plans For America Anymore [Watch]

An army of 60,000 illegals, mostly Haitians, are expected to flood the southern border in the upcoming weeks, and another caravan is waiting and preparing to start their barrage on the United States.

One of these people spearheading the next migrant flood is Irineo Mujica, a dual citizen from Mexico and the U.S. who is director of the liberal group Pueblo Sin Fronteras (which means People Without Borders), it was revealed this week.

Mujica warned that he and his caravan of illegals “were ready for war” and will get to the United States with or without the governments approval.

“We leave in 20 days,” he promised via social media, according to news reports. “We want to go with travel papers without papers, we are prepared for war.”

“If the National Guard does come and they are so cowardly to beat children and women, let them prepare because God is with us.”

Mujica’s words came during increasing frustration that the Mexican government has started detaining caravans going toward Mexico en route to the U.S.

Mexico recently started capturing caravans at the behest of the Biden White House amid increasing alarm among Americans about these daily invasions.

The U.S. gives Mexico an average of $320 million per year, in part to push it to secure its own border so its residents won’t try to come into America.

When former President Trump was in the White House, he worked with Mexico’s president to stop the influx of illegals.

After Joe Biden took office, that arrangement was done away with, and the border went into an open door for illegal armies of unvetted fighting age men from many different countries.

Some 60,000, most being Haitian migrants, are now heading to the Texas border, the Washington Examiner reported earlier this week. That is on top of the 20,000 Haitians who crossed into Del Rio just last month and were allowed into the country by the Biden White House.

Another 30,000 are seeking to traverse Colombia to get to the U.S., Border Patrol authorities said to the outlet.

GOP Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that because the Biden White House refuses to stop the migrant flow, he has increased his efforts to secure the Texas border.

“Texas National Guard is working at the border for more caravans trying to cross the border caused by Joe Biden’s open border agenda,” Abbott said last week.

Author: Blake Ambrose