Guess Who Could Be Dumb Enough To Run Against Donald Trump?

Rumors have circulated about former Sec of State Mike Pompeo’s desire in running for President of the United States in 2024, even in a Republican primary that would involve running against former President Trump.

Conservative journalist Jack Posobiec tweeted about these rumors concerning a possible primary challenge to Donald Trump by Pompeo, with other GOP activists mentioning rumors they had heard about Pompeo creating a 2024 network. Pompeo’s lost a lot of weight in past months, with some pundits speculating he has done so in preparation for a national office campaign.

Polls for the tentative 2024 Republican primary have consistently revealed Trump with a huge and seemingly insurmountable lead, with top GOP members like Florida’s Ron DeSantis barely able to break the quarter of support in his polls and Donald Trump consistently getting the vast majority of support. Pompeo rarely breaks into double-digits points in polls where he is included as a primary option, with voters not seeing the reason for his potential candidacy.

It is unclear why Pompeo may think he is capable of beating Trump in a primary, with the former President being able to boast about accomplishments and great loyalty from the GOP. While the Sec of State was one of President Trump’s top cabinet members, he differs from him and his America First foreign policy agenda with with respect to consistent desire to agitate toward regime change wars within the Middle East.

Pompeo, who was CIA director before getting the Sec. of State position, consistently behaved as a conduit for Never Trump RINOs to come into the President’s White House and sabotage his America First agenda, bringing in Bush administration team members James Jeffrey and Elliot Abrams.

Pompeo had slammed Donald Trump as an “authoritarian” during his 2016 campaign, comparing him to President Obama. A primary on his part against the Donald Trump might represent a return to his neoconservative and war-hawk roots, which would in turn involve a return to the GOP’s disastrous experiment with regime-change and globalist wars and a liberal foreign policy.

Author: Steven Sinclaire