Democrats Take Election Stealing To a Stunning New Level

The governor’s race in the blue state of Virginia is firing up, with Glenn Youngkin, once a huge underdog in the blue state, getting more momentum. A new poll, for example, revealed the Republican actually leading Dem Terry McAuliffe among possible voters.

Given the tendency for these polls, especially the state polls, to overestimate Dem standing, staying within close distance is all Youngkin requires to be a real possibility.

But if you were looking for better evidence that Dems see Youngkin as a real threat and are worried he might win, look no further than this news out of very blue Fairfax County. This is from The American Spectator.

“Virginia’s governor contest between GOP Glenn Youngkin and Dem Terry McAuliffe certainly has supporters of the latter concerned. New polls reveal a far closer race than they expected. So, it doesn’t surprise us that McAuliffe’s allies are now attempting to work on the election laws with public health as their excuse.”

“Sure enough, the Dem-dominated Fairfax Supervisor Board has requested that Governor Ralph Northam to remove the witness signature rule that state law demands of all absentee ballots. The Chairman Jeffrey McKay says this waiver is needed because of the threat of coronavirus, yet cases are going down.”

The only GOP member of the board dissented to this, refusing to sign the group letter. He mentioned the obvious points to support his rejection, which are that the election has already started and that the witness signature requirement was put into law for a good reason, namely to guarantee election integrity.

He is absolutely right. It would be absolutely crazy to change the elections laws about absentee ballots after the election has already kicked off. Of course, it is nonsense that there is this much early voting allowed at all, but that is a different discussion.

Changing these rules in the middle of the 4th quarter is the sort of move that will only ruin the trust people have in our elections. In this case, the request to remove the signature rule is clearly a plot by local Democrats to boost their returns in one of the state’s more liberal counties, which may make the difference in deciding the election.

Author: Steven Sinclaire