Is Al-Quada Back On U.S. Soil? Here’s The Terrifying Details

“When people see a stronger horse and a weaker horse,” as famously said by Osama bin Laden, “by nature they will want the stronger horse.”

America during the time of Biden continues to be seen as a weak horse, and bin Laden’s old crew has took notice.

Recently, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (also known as AQAP) put out a video crowing over the Taliban’s seizure of Afghanistan and pledging to inflict damage like 9/11 in America yet again.

The video featured a terrorist who was once held in the Guantanamo prison, Ibrahim Al-Qousi, and was titled “A Message to the American Public: You Have Not Yet Understood our Lesson.” Al-Qousi revealed that he has carefully understood the lessons of the past. He said that “the biggest loss America suffered, besides its human losses, is its prestige and reputation as a superpower and the most powerful nation in the world.” Thanks, Joe!

The Taliban, Al-Qousi said, had won a “huge” victory, for they “have understood the nature of the conflict … their hands buried a third empire in Afghanistan and restored the Afghanistan Islamic Emirate to rule by shari’a, even if the west hates it.”

If there is anything that the Defense Dept. did would not understand, it was how religion played a part in the conflict. Foreign policy experts have dismissed statements like “by the grace of Allah alone” as a simple boilerplate, not accepting that for Taliban fighters, it was the foundation of the whole war. That is why they are in power today in Kabul and laughing at having defeated the United States.

Al-Qousi sneered at Joe Biden’s claim that the U.S. “achieved its goals for the war,” that is, the killing of bin Laden and the guarantee that the country “could not be a base from which terror groups could threaten American security and its allies.” The jihadi said: “Was it really worth America paying these costs to get these two goals? Could you not have gotten these by any other way to avoid these losses?”

Al-Qousi says to Americans: “Your security is still at risk so long as you don’t comprehend the lessons and as long as you don’t remove the reasons that the September 11 events happened, as explained by bin Laden inside his messages….your security is at risk as long as you battle Islam and Muslims under the name of counterterrorism.”

Good thing that Joe Biden’s security and intelligence teams are busy hunting down “white supremacists.”

Author: Scott Dowdy