U.S. Vets Rescue The Man Who Saved Biden’s Life – Get No Help From Sleepy Joe

Despite what Biden’s State Department says, there are still people stranded in Afghanistan. Joe Biden has closed the book on the failed mission, but lives are still at risk. (And let’s not forget how America is just waiting for the Taliban to strike soon.)

Private efforts have been underway to get out Americans and Afghan allies. But even then, the State Department has frustrated those missions, getting in the way. One tragic story came from Aman Khalili, a U.S. ally who in 2008 rescued then-Sen. Joe Biden from danger. He and his family were stranded in the now-Taliban-controlled country, pleading to Biden for help.

But no help came.

Now, no thanks to the “president,” the man and his family are safe.

Aman Khalili and his family escaped from Afghanistan over the border to Pakistan last week, Khalili told The Wall Street Journal. After hiding from the Taliban for weeks under the care of various volunteer organizations, a group of military veterans smuggled the former U.S. interpreter and his family through numerous Taliban checkpoints and out of Afghanistan.

Khalili’s story recently appeared in the news after he pled for Biden to help save him and his family. Instead, Khalili was left in Afghanistan to the mercies of the Taliban after Biden withdrew U.S. forces from the country in August, leaving behind thousands of U.S. allies, Special Immigrant Visa-holders, and American citizens…

Despite the White House’s pledge to “get you out,” as press secretary Jen Psaki said on August 31, the Biden administration was minimally involved in extracting Khalili from Afghanistan. [Source: Daily Wire]

Khalili and his family endured a harrowing ordeal, passing through numerous Taliban checkpoints. They drove for 144 hours, night and day, to make it out of the country. They would have been prime targets for the Taliban, who have continually promised to punish Afghans who helped America. Khalili and his family should have been among the first evacuated from the country.

Instead, they were the very last—forced to face intense danger, after aiding the United States for years. Khalili was one of several Afghan allies who lead an operation to rescue U.S. senators stranded in Afghanistan in 2008. One of those senators was Joe Biden. After Khalili pleaded with Biden for help, numerous high-profile figures as well as U.S. officials said they would help.

They did nothing.

Volunteers, who were risking their lives to get people out, were responsible for Khalili’s deliverance. It appears Biden did very little to ensure he and his family were safe.

It’s utterly disgusting to know that Biden didn’t do everything he could to help a man who literally saved his life. I can only imagine Trump would have cut through red tape, working overtime to help this man. A real administration would have spared nothing to ensure a brave ally like this had a safe evacuation.

But we don’t have a real administration. We have a group of political hacks who are exploiting our country for their political agenda.

Author: Thomas Smith