Airline Pilot Gives Biden a Massive Warning About What’s Coming

An activist and airline pilot for individual liberty said to Fox News this week that situations like mass flight cancelations will be a more common thing if the Biden White House refuses to backdown from its strict stance against forcing Americans to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

Talking on “Tucker Carlson on Fox News,” Joshua Yoder, who is an airline pilot and the founder of an organization called United States Freedom Flyers, warned that events like this previous weekend’s Southwest Arlines sudden cancellations might soon be unavoidable.

The reason: Yoder said those people who do skilled work, like driving trucks and flying planes, will take a stand against Democrats and Biden and their own companies.

“My motive for resisting the vaccine is mostly religious,” Yoder said to Tucker Carlson.

“Among my friends I saw the need. We don’t want to take this. People were being forced. We believe in freedom, and I am here to support everyone’s freedom, from my employees to the people across America.”

“I won’t take the mandate. I won’t be forced to do something I don’t believe in,” he said.

“If you have flights lowered by 30 percent because thats how many airline pilots are fired because they won’t be forced to get the vaccine, this will start affecting how your goods arrive from overseas, how they are sent to the store,” he said when asked to talk about the effect on the transportation infrastructure.

“The same thing is occurring right now with truckers; it’s also happening in the shipping sector. Those Amazon boxes that usually show up in two days, you may be looking at up to three weeks,” he continued, making note reported shortage of dock workers and truckers as ports — like the one at Long Beach in LA County — having a backlog of ships wanting to be unloaded but not being able to.

While America’s supply chain has for many months been giving off signs of bending, this previous weekend Southwest canceled flights, reportedly due to a “sick-out” being done by pilots over the corporate vaccine mandate.

Southwest blamed these cancellations on staffing problems and weather with air traffic controllers.

“ATC problems along with disruptive weather have led to a high amount of cancellations through this weekend while we attempt to recover our operations. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work with affected Customers, and Customer Support wait times are longer than normal,” the airliner said.

Author: Blake Ambrose