Despite His Pandering, These Voters Just Aren’t Buying Biden’s Lies

Joe Biden simply assumed he would enjoy unending support from certain demographics. Democrats he had in the bag. Hispanics would lean his way. Young people (who rarely vote) would stupidly support his agenda. And, of course, black people had no choice but to vote for him, right?

We all saw his confidence that the black vote was his last year when he infamously said, “You ain’t black” if a black person backed Trump. The Democrat was so convinced black people would vote for him, he didn’t even hide his ugly view of them.

But how has Biden delivered for black Americans? As poorly as he has for everyone else. And reports are coming in that reveal, they are none too happy with him.

According to W. Mondale Robinson, founder of the Black Male Voter Project, frustration is at an “all-time high” in the black community regarding Biden’s presidency…

“I think the frustration is at an all-time high, and Biden can’t go to Georgia or any other black state in the South and say, ‘This is what we delivered in 2021,’” said Robinson in an interview with The Washington Post. “Black men are pissed off about the nothingness that has happened.”

“Does it make the work harder? It makes the work damn near impossible,” he added later…

Biden’s approval rating was 85% among black voters in July, and it dropped to 67% by September. 30% of black voters disapprove of Biden’s performance as president. [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden’s approval is plummeting among all groups. But the fact that it’s tanking among black voters should sound the alarms for the Democratic Party. Black Americans have always been their strongest bloc. Even after Trump chipped away at their support, the vast majority of black voters backed crooked con man Joe Biden.

But it hasn’t taken long for Biden to crash and burn, alienating even a loyal base like black voters. Robinson pointed to promises he made during the election that he hasn’t delivered on, like raising the minimum wage, police “reform,” and radical election changes. Robinson blasted Joe, saying he has accomplished nothing in his first year.

Another Democratic organizer lamented Biden’s failures, pointing to how it has resulted in a shocking lack of enthusiasm. Democrats, black voters, and young people are not fired up to support the left in upcoming elections. And it has everything to do with Biden’s cascading failure.

Everything about the Biden administration is fake. From his TV office set to Kamala’s staged interactions with child actors. They talk a big talk, but when it comes to actually doing something for the American people, Biden can’t do anything. His administration is made up of losers who show a level of incompetence that staggers belief.

We should not be surprised that black voters are abandoning him. We should wonder, though, they it took them so long.

Author: Sam Anderson