Liberals Get The One Pushback They Never Expected

Seems that lashing out against people that you are supposed to be serving is not ending too well.

Yesterday we spoke about how the AP struggled to play interference for the National School Board Association, trying to fact check the idea that the national group wanted to classify angry parents who object to policies as terrorists.

The problem: we can read the letter from the NSBA where they assert these claims. In their message to President Joe Biden, they went over a number of non-violent examples, mostly being basic protests at past meetings.

In the ensuing week, the NSBA has gotten a ton of pushback. Now, there is a real growing resistance even within its own network. It has been a routine action to see various state level school boards come forward to distance themselves from the inflammatory public comments issued by the Dem-controlled national group.

The first sign of internal war came last Wednesday when the School Board Association of Virginia gave a response that was a total disavowal of the shocking NSBA letter.

“NSBA is a national group composed of the state level school boards from every state in the country. While the Virginia School Board is currently a member of this group, it was not asked about this letter, did not give information to NSBA, and was not informed that the letter would be sent.”

In recent days more state level school boards have stepped forward. In Pennsylvania, the school board gave their own rebuttal, essentially repeating that of Virginia. “The Pennsylvania School Board was not consulted before the letter wast sent by the NSBA to President Joe Biden,” said Annette Stevenson, who is the chief communications officer of the state board. “We were not asked for discussion about its content.”

Possibly the best illustrative example of how national level group acted is in seeing what other states came out to comment. For example, in Florida, the school boards were in a contentious battle with GOP Governor Ron DeSantis for many months now, so for the state organization to come out against the national group speaks very loudly. The School Board Association of Florida gave this comment:

“Several elements in your letter go against the ideas embraced by us, and this has led to serious concerns for many members in our group. Not only has it distracted us from the crucial work being done by our members, it has strained important state and local relationships our members have worked to build for years.”

Author: Scott Dowdy