Biden Is Hiding In His Basement After This Horrible Report

A new presidential poll reveals that the amount of Americans with a negative opinion of President Biden’s work has reached a shocking high.

If you have been paying attention, it certainly is not surprising that more people are waking up to the disaster that is the Biden White House. Still, seeing it within the polling really makes you think how Dems can even defend him at this point.

A daily tracking poll published this week by Rasmussen Reports reveals that Biden’s disapproval numbers among possible voters has gone up. In the poll, 50 percent of people reported they “strongly disapproved” of Biden’s presidential performance.

Only 20 percent “strongly approve” of Joe Biden’s presidential performance, giving him an Approval Index of -30.

Biden has now officially lost half the nation, or could it be even worse?.

Biden’s complete “disapproval” number is really 57 percent, according to Rasmussen, being only one point away from being the lowest of his time in office.

As Rasmussen said: “41% of possible U.S. Voters approve of President Joe Biden’s performance. Fifty-seven percent (57%) disapproved. The new figures included 20% who Strongly Approved and 50% who Strongly Disapproved.”

As the graphic from Rasmussen shows, former President Trump at this time in his presidency had a better approval. Remember, Trump came under a non-stop onslaught of negative news coverage from the mainstream media, while Joe Biden has benefitted from the establishment media working to prop up his presidency.

His failures simply cannot be censored.

Biden managed to get 50 percent in voters who strongly disapproved of him in September, according to Rasmussen’s history. He reached that number yet again this week.

Biden actually stayed around 36 to 43 percent stronger disapproval rating from when he was inaugurated until the start of the Afghanistan disaster, the tracking history reveals. That deadly defeat apparently was enough to break the camel’s back.

Biden’s move to get the military out before civilians was enough to send him over the Rubicon. Once it became apparent that America had been humiliated, there was never any going back.

Combine this with Joe Biden’s continuing crisis at the border, energy prices, inflation and never-ending verbal and mental gaffes and it is easy to see why so many Americans are losing their patience.

Author: Blake Ambrose